101 with Nancy Omeara

101 With Nancy Omeara

Question: Why did I write a book about “hate”?  Especially “how it spreads”?

I volunteered on a religious tolerance hot line for more than 5 years.

Many of the things I heard spoken of as true in the more than 5,000 calls I answered, seemed in my opinion, to be obviously false.

After talking to so many people, I started to think I might have some information and ideas that could be useful to others.

So  I started a book, and once I got the “mean, green and ugly” idea I decided to continue, because I liked that beginning and wanted to see where it could go.

Years later, one false start (you don’t want to know) I finally got the text professionally edited, nicely typeset and hopefully made into a more direct, concise book that is both interesting and I hope sometimes enlightening.

Question: You seem to think that “hate” doesn’t just happen, that it is caused?

Yes, I do.  I’m not talking about hate that makes sense or is just a feeling, ‘I hate purple.”  That’s a feeling.  Or even, “I hate to see people being taken advantage of.”  That’s rational.

“Created hate” is the kind where facts are manipulated, some items omitted, others given more weight than how they actually tip the scales.

That’s the kind of “caused” hate that makes me see red.

Question: Is hate necessarily bad?

No. Never mistake destructive hate with transformative/invigorating hate.

There are so many worthwhile things to hate – (besides the obvious –  prejudice, incompetence, illiteracy …) and so many examples where hatred of things that are just simply wrong has been used to change things for the better.

Obviously, I’m sort of on the alert for such, but still, examples are not hard to find.

A few of the good things to hate that people work hard to change:

Apartheid, slavery, unequal pay for the same work, unequal job opportunities, so much more.

In fact, it is my opinion, that it is just possible there are still some things in this world that it is a good idea to hate, and to take action to change:

Gender and racial discrimination, religious discrimination, unequal educational opportunities, unsafe public health situations, dangerous vehicles-roads-buildings …

There’s plenty to hate out there – for constructive reasons.


Now I have a question. What do you, who are reading this, thinks? I’m interested in hearing from you.

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