Nancy Omeara - Useless Hate

Useless Hate

There are so, so, so many things to hate in this world if you have a mind to:

Bad latte.
(How can someone mess up an espresso and milk?)

Restaurants that don’t stock the exact sweetener you like in your tea.
(And yet, you wonder that I carry my own little sweeteners in my purse?)

“Your” size is different from one brand of clothing to the next – can’t these companies get standardized?
(Actually, I do kind of hate that, though I’ve never written a letter of complaint.)

People who get paid to predict the weather in areas where it changes every few hours  (London?  They might as well say, “Your guess is as good as mine.  Take an umbrella.”) or the climate is so predictable you could do the forecast yourself.  (Santa Barbara?  How does a meteorologist justify a salary?)

Fun things to hate – even if kind of impotent.

(You’re invited to add to the list.)